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Climbing with a Purpose

Written by Emma Holland

Date: 24.06.2019

  • Climbing with a Purpose

It is not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves – Sir Edmund Hillary

What a better way to celebrate the Summer Solstice than to climb the highest mountain in Wales. At 3,560ft, climbing Snowdon was never going to be easy, but with the sun shining and a team of 100 likeminded individuals all prepared to take on the challenge, Team TEXO didn’t shy away – taking on the challenge with grit and determination.

After a tiring 8-hour drive from Kent to the beautiful scenery of North Wales on the Friday, we had to set off just after 7am on the Saturday ready to meet with all the other people climbing this impressive mountain for The Pituitary Foundation.

Dressed in bright orange, we were hard to miss – after months of training, fundraising and wondering what we had let ourselves in for – it was finally here. As we set off under the beating sun, it was clear we were in for a treat. A rare break from rain and cloud around the mountains, we were able to take in the sheer beauty and wonder of the place. With views for miles and motivation from those already running back down, the Team made it to the halfway point in just under 2 hours.

Here we took a welcome pit stop to fill up on the M&S picnic treats packed into our backpacks.

From the mid-point onwards, terrain becomes trickier with narrower pathways and slippier surfaces – so we were divided into smaller groups and taken by specialist mountain guides from Bryn Williams Mountaineering.

Conquering fears of height and overpowering injuries, we eventually all made it to the top. After taking time to enjoy the incredible views and reflecting on the physical and mental challenges we had faced to get there, we soon decided it was time to start making the trip back down! Driven by the prospect of a curry that evening we made it down in one piece and celebrated with a drink or two in the garden of a local hotel in the quaint village of Llanberis.   


Every single one of us would recommend taking the opportunity to climb Snowdon if ever you have the chance. Time for reflection in nature is hugely important to bring clarity and purpose to life and what a better way to do that, than when doing it in aid of a cause such as The Pituitary Foundation.  The event raised over £23,000 which will help the charity to continue its patient support work and research into pituitary conditions.

The Pituitary Foundation is close to all of our hearts, as they offer support to our Managing Director, Tim, following his recovery from a brain tumour last year. Being able to have a network to turn to when you have something as unique as a pituitary condition has been incredibly beneficial to Tim and why we are all so passionate about supporting this charity, to ensure others receive the same support.


If you want to learn more about the charity or even sign up to one of their future challenges, their website is