• Welcome to TEXO

    TEXO New Homes is a premium house builder based in the heart of Kent. With decades of experience delivering projects at the forefront of design, you can rest assured that, at TEXO, a house is built to become a home.

    Choosing a home is a significant choice in all our lives and at TEXO Homes we pride ourselves on delivering places to live that anyone would be proud to call home. Less than 1% of sites pass our stringent tests, meaning that when you come to buy a TEXO Home you know that years of careful planning have gone into every aspect of the design.

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  • Our Ethos

    “Whilst quality workmanship is at the heart of our ethos, delivering quality homes is about much more than construction. It is about creating a sense of place that works not only for today but for the unknowns that tomorrow can bring. I would not put the TEXO name to any property I wouldn’t be happy living in myself and I truly believe that is evidenced by the fact that you only have to step foot in a TEXO home to know that not all house builders are created equal.”

    Tim Vince, Managing Director

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  • Houses built to become Homes

    We are a luxury house builder based in the heart of Kent. Our goal is to deliver exceptional properties in the South East of England that stand the test of time.

    To view our latest development of eleven luxury seaview 1 and 2 bedroom apartments, please click below.

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